Welcome to the blog! Chances are, if you’ve found yourself here, you’re a lover of cycling or cheese, or live in the Alps, or all of the above. Which is great because so am I.

The rationale behind this little project was to write up my rides in the Annecy area as a resource for myself and my friends. Then I thought I might as well write up some of the cheeses I’ve been sampling. To help me remember them. And so the little cheese & bikes idea was born.

I’ll be writing up new rides as I do them and adding some of the older ones as I get around to it. Almost all of them are within (road) riding distance of Annecy – my home base – a fantastic place to be a cyclist. And if I ever get up the courage to try MTB, I’ll post those efforts too. And if you’re interested, most of these photos are opportunistic snaps with my iPhone 6.

And if you’re reading this and want to suggest a ride, or ask about a place I haven’t written up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Also, you can find me on strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/4849836 and instagram @alexis_arthur


View of Lac d’Annecy from the road to Entrevernes

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