Originally Australian, I came to Annecy by way of the US and Latin America, in search of mountains. My love of cycling grew out of a passion for the outdoors. Some of my earliest memories are of getting lost on family hikes, wandering in the dark, eeking out the last morsel of a shared snickers bar as Dad tries to figure out where we took a wrong turn… Growing up, family holidays exploring New South Wales’ vast network of national parks only cemented my love of the bush, and the importance of protecting outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Years later and I still enjoy being outside, from short walks in the forest to multi-day adventures in the snow. Though being in the mountains is where I feel most at peace. The Sierras in California, the Rockies in Montana, the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, or the French Alps. Even Australia’s own diminutive Snowy Mountains are a joy to explore, on foot or bike.

While being on two feet can be the only way to truly experience being on top of the world, two wheels can take you so much further – not to mention faster! And the Alps are a true cycling paradise.

This blog started as a way to catalogue local rides in Annecy & to attempt to remember all the names of local cheese… but then expanded as I had the opportunity to explore the neighbouring Savoie region, with its narrow, steep valleys, snow-capped peaks, and enviable autumn colours.