Entrevernes & Col de la Frasse

Entrevernes and Col de la Frasse are hidden gems in Annecy’s vast network of valleys, cols, and quiet country roads. From Annecy, head south along the bike path until Duingt, and take the right hand turn up towards the camp grounds on Route d’Entrevernes.


A misty climb

A pretty climb, the road winds up through villages and fields, copses and springs. While the road to Entrevernes is only 4 km, the 8% grade will get the heart rate up. And upon arrival, you will be greeted by cows with bells around their necks – often blocking the street – as well as traditional fromageries and alpages.


But continue on through the village and take a right hand turn up to Col de la Frasse and you will be rewarded by one of the most deserted corners of the local area. The road continues for another 5 km at 7% and in early summer the fields of flowers, snow-capped peaks, crumbling farmhouses, chalets

IMG_6353 (1)

End of the road

, herds of goats with oversized bells clanging around their necks, and misty glades make this one of my favourite places to ride. Unfortunately, the road can be rough, particularly when there are roadworks or logging. It can also be wet or suffering from the after-effects of moving cows from pasture to pasture… Your bike will almost certainly require a good wash after this ride. But that shouldn’t stop you. The road flattens out and descends slightly before the final half kilometre to the top. Or more accurately, a MTB/hiking trail to the real Col de la Frasse. One day, when I get into MTB, I’ll come back and complete the loop over Col de la Frasse and down the other side.



The view coming back down from Col de la Frasse to Entrevernes

The descent is short and quick but try to take your time and enjoy the vistas. From Entrevernes, you will be rewarded by some particularly lovely views over the lake and Château Ruphy Duingt.


Be particularly careful on the descent from Entrevernes as the road is in serious need of repaving. Two of the turns are especially bumpy and there are occasionally cars coming up the other side.







A late May snow makes for stunning views over Lac d’Annecy & Duingt




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